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Modular Homes

Start Price: $49,399.00
Model Number: 321992-1211-002
PSC Demo of Modular Homes real time pricing 21992-1211-001 with options and features. Standard specifications: A) PLANS Architectural building plans are included along with the suggested foundation and garage plans, if required for the on-site construction work and for your use in obtaining financing. B) CODES All Best Modular Home Builder DEMO Purpose are inspected during construction and certified by your State's third-party representation to comply with the International Residential Code or Uniform Building Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, Uniform Mechanical Code and National Electrical Code. Some areas require additional snow loads or local modifications to these codes and Best Modular Home Builder DEMO Purpose can accommodate these special needs. All construction meets or exceeds the requirements for conventional financing. More of the details available in a link later.