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US Patent#7747469 and Copyright, 2005-2016 All rights are reserved.

Boca Bench (Park Furniture)

Start Price: $194.25
Model Number: 337125-2220-004p
This is a demo of the PSC product. Park Furniture Made from Recycled Plastic available in Colors: Brown Gray, Cedar Standard Colored boards with colored legs Composition: The Finished product is manufactured from a minimum of 96% (by weight) commingled, post-consumer and/or post-industrial recycled plastic. To obtain color, UV stability and other desirable properties in the product, various additives must be incorporated into the plastic; these items amount to a maximum of 4% of the finished product. Allow for mold shrinkage. Slight color differences may occur in production materials due to variations in recycled source material. Weight :for 4-Foot=145 lbs. 5-Foot=160 lbs.6-Foot=175 lbs.