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US Patent#7747469 and Copyright, 2005-2016 All rights are reserved.

Adirondack Dining Chair

Start Price: $198.99
Model Number: 337125-1213-001
Demo of PSC Product only. m2specs337125-1213-001-001 Adirondack Dining Chair337125 Our resin furniture is made of a high performance wood lumber substitute manufactured from HD polyethylene resins, select coloring and foaming agents. Each piece is processed into a specification product that closely resembles painted and natural wood products. Our resin furniture absorbs no moisture, therefore it will not rot, warp, crack, splinter, or support bacterial growth It is compounded with permanent, UV stabilized colors, eliminating the need for painting, staining, waterproofing, or stripping and resurfacing. Additionally, this product is impervious to many common corrosive substances including salt water, as well as gasoline and hydrocarbon oils. This furniture is worked with standard woodworking tools and hardware. Screws are the preferred fastener for the attachment of the material. The resin surface characteristics resist adhesives and the solvents used as carriers for many adhesives. Additionally, the resin is impervious to paint, stains, and mineral spirits. To maintain resin furniture, clean the lumber with soap and water. All-purpose cleaners or 1/3 bleach and water solutions take care of extreme cleaning needs. Features: Withstands the hot sun, the salty coasts, and the cold winters. Non-porous surface resists mold and is easy to clean. Assembled with non-rusting stainless steel fasteners (assembly required). Fade resistant colors permeate each board. Dimensions:Overall: 29 W x 27 D x 41 H (inches) Seat: 20 W x 17 D x 17.25 H (inches) Color Options:Colors shown on this page should be considered approximations of the actual colors. Choose From These Colors:Hunter , Green, Putty, White, Wooden Brown