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US Patent#7747469 and Copyright, 2005-2016 All rights are reserved.


Start Price: $1,300.00
Model Number: SVR-310
Demo of PSC Product only. One Intel® Pentium® 4 2.80GHz Processor (512KB Level 2 ECC Cache) •  ServerWorks GC-SL Chipset with 533MHz Front Side Bus •  Integrated Single Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter •  One 36GB Wide Ultra3 Non-Hot Plug SCSI Drive and support for up to 4 more 1" Ultra320 Non-Hot Plug SCSI Drives •  Four total slots available: 64-bit/33MHz PCI •  4 DIMM sockets for a maximum memory capacity of 4GB •  ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack shipped standard. Supports other ProLiant Essentials tools like the Rapid Deployment Pack